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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Bob's Burgers Music Album

Mere days away from now, on May 12th, Sub Pop Records will release The Bob's Burgers Music Album which will feature Stephin Merritt's and Kenny Mellman's rendition of "Electric Love", a song from the television show Bob's Burgers. The album will be released on vinyl, CD, and deluxe box set. More information here. I updated the discography accordingly a few days ago, but figured it'd be worth posting here as well.

I never would have thought that there would be two posts in a row on this blog regarding Mr. Merritt's involvement in cartoons. But, the world is a strange place sometimes, I suppose! Hopefully we will learn one day how these collaborations came to be.


  1. Stephin in animated form is hysterical!

    Hey, as an aside, did you ever happen to get Vacationland digitized?

  2. Love it. I assumed stephin wrote it because of the "aw, topsy at my autoposy" line, but no