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Saturday, April 22, 2017

An Apologetic Press Dump

A preview of Julian Fleisher's Naked American Songbook episode featuring an interview with Stephin can be found here. The full interview will likely be released for the premier of the show's new season, which is forthcoming. Readers of this blog might also be familiar with Mr. Fleisher for his performance as The Cat in the original off-Broadway run of Stephin Merritt's Coraline, and its subsequent cast recording.

There are some really excellent videos that have been posted recently. One is this one with Vice. While arguably shorter than it ought to be, it does feature some very interesting tidbits, most notably a preview of the Post-It Note system that guided 50 Song Memoir.  Another video, found here features Stephin giving a tour of his absolutely amazing-looking house. Oh, what a dream it'd be to peruse that science fiction hall! And, finally, be sure to check out the extended version of this BBC interview with Mr. Merritt and Jose Zayas, director of the two-night 50 Song Memoir extravaganza.

Continuing in his warpath against the word "favorite," Mr. Merritt lists 13 albums he likes very much here. The author would like to heartily recommend that Ella Lanchester record for those looking for good music to have on whilst writing.

Stephin created this pretty wonderful set list for BBC's Late Junction Mixtape. It's predominantly made up of unconventional covers and features the likes of Klaus Nomi, West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, and The Silicon Teens. It comes HIGHLY recommended!

Due to the album, he's also done an abundance of press in the past months. While I've, of course, read all of it, I'll spare you the gratuitous over-linking and just share the best ones. This one with NPR features some wonderful acoustic performances of songs from the new album. This one is in Spanish and features the umpteenth retelling of the Spice Girls story. This one presents some further contextualizing of some of the songs from the new album.

I quite like this interview with The LA Review of Books, wherein Mr. Merritt discusses the influence of poetry and literature on his work. Particularly, he expounds on his love for science fiction in a way I've not seen him do previously. By far the best fucking interview from this round of press (and possibly the best I've read with Mr. Merritt in about a decade, the Daniel Handler ones notwithstanding), is this one with Franklin Bruno. Mr. Bruno, he of Nothing Painted Blue and Extra Lens fame, really understands Mr. Merritt's work and presses him on subjects I wish more journalists would approach him on. Specifically, they discuss form and structure and process, and it's great to see Mr. Merritt be so casually open about these things. If you only click one link from this blog post, click that one.


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