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Friday, April 21, 2017

After all this time,

I am alive after all!

I've just returned from seeing The Magnetic Fields perform 50 Song Memoir at Thalia Hall in Chicago. As you may expect, I had a rollicking good time. I had the pleasure as well of seeing one of the premier performances in NYC last December.  The band sounds amazing in its current iteration and it's such a joy to see these songs performed. The more formal presentation of the material is definitely beneficial as well, and I applaud director Jose Zayas! 

I hope that you lot have been enjoying the album as much as I have. I am consistently overwhelmed at what a remarkable achievement it is, and I've been pleased that the general public has received it well too!

My enthusiasm for this music has hardly quelled (in fact, I am convinced the new album is amongst Mr. Merritt's best work and I can't stop listening to it), but life has gotten in the way of updating the blog regularly. Truthfully, I regret that I've been inactive during this storm of media appearances and other interesting news. I've been consuming voraciously and not sharing and that goes against my original mission. But, anyhow!

I don't think it's wise for me to attempt to ameliorate my absence by dumping a bunch of things here. I'm mostly just coming out of my proverbial retirement to let y'all know that I've updated the discography to include 50 Song Memoir and a couple of other small things as well. At the very least, I reckon it'll be nice to maintain a comprehensive discography of Mr. Merritt's work! 

I reckon not many people will see this. After all, how many people regularly check a dead blog? But, if you have for some reason found yourself here, then please feel free to harangue me in the comments about not having updated for so long. I invite you all to dance 'round my auto-da-fe.


  1. Replies
    1. Why, thank you! I'm simply shocked that anyone found this little update, but certainly pleased as well. :)

  2. If we dance around your auto de fe, you may come back as a cockroach and haunt us

    1. Ha! I THINK I know who this is, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous. ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks very much! I make no promises that this is a return-to-form, but for now I'll try to update as much as possible!

  4. I still do check occasionally! Welcome back! 50 Song Memoir is a grower for sure.

  5. ¡Gracias por volver! Welcome back

  6. i check the blog! jeeeez! thanks for coming back.

  7. I've only just found this page, but have already bookmarked it and will be back regularly. All booked in for the September London 50SM shows.

  8. Saw 50SM at Barcelona! Yep, the albums a definite grower