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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Jon DeRosa's Black Halo

Two updates in two days! What is this, 2010??

Anyhow, feel free to stream the new Jon DeRosa album here. Jon DeRosa is a popular New York singer in his own right, well-known for his contributions to the bands Flare and Aarktica. He's perhaps best known to readers of this blog, however, for playing the character Hou Fang You on the recorded version of Mr. Merritt's musical Peach Blossom Fan (excerpts of which can be heard on the 2006 release Showtunes). Mr. DeRosa's new album, Black Halo, features a song co-written with Mr. Merritt entitled "When Daddy Took the Treehouse Down. If you want to purchase it, which I encourage you to do, you may do so here.

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