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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Two Coraline productions, more

This weekend (and this weekend alone), the University of Texas Pan-American will be putting on a production of Stephin Merritt's musical Coraline. More information about the production can be found here. Not to be outdone, Children's Theatre of Charlotte will be doing their own production of the musical starting in October. Information about this production is scant, but go here to view their current season.

If you live near either of these productions, I highly suggest you go see the show. I saw a production of it here in Chicago last year and it was phenomenal!

Ever the feather-ruffler, Mr. Merritt wrote a scathing review of literary darling Roxanne Gay's latest novel here. There were a lot of reactions to this piece, some more warranted than others.

Don't forget to go see Mr. Merritt and Sam Davol on their current tour!


  1. Its great to see more Coraline productions. I loved the cast recording (as well as the original novel of course) I live in the UK and there sadly hasn't been a production of this here yet. Its highly unlikely as the musical is incredibly obscure here and barely anyone has heard of it. I also run a blog about various things including various productions of this musical. http://all-in-the-golden-afternoon96.tumblr.com/tagged/coraline-musical

    Thanks, Chloe

    1. Thanks for the link!! It's nice to see those pictures from the SF and NYC productions again. Just FYI, there are lots of pictures from the Chicago production I saw here (http://www.coralinechicago.com).

      And don't give up hope on a UK production yet!! The musical is still relatively young, after all, I'm sure it'll make it your way soon enough. :)