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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

This American Life, more

If you haven't listened to the latest This American Life, then not only are you not stereotypically right in the thrust of Stephin Merritt's usual demographic, but you're missing out on a mini-musical by Mr. Merritt himself. The episode, about regrets, features a really charming story told by producer Miki Meek and scored with original songs by Mr. Merritt. Listen to his segment here. If you find yourself uninterested in radio journalism, you can download just the songs here.

Also, due to either laziness or business (I'll let you decide), I neglected to mention that Stephin Merritt's Performance, a collaboration with choreographer Rashaun Mitchell that premiered in Boston last year, had a brief run in Los Angeles. I mention it after the fact only because there are some pretty enticing pictures at this link, including the one to the right.

As per usual, Mr. Merritt has been offering tons of interviews around the release of his new book. I'll spare us all by only posting two. This one, with Peter Sagal, is delightful, somewhat informative and features occasional background laughter from one handsome little blogger. And, this one, conducted at the LA Review of Books, is shorter but fun nonetheless.

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