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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pair of Interviews

I typically try to only post interviews in bulk or alongside something more substantial to avoid making this meager blog look more ugly and over-crowded than it may already be. But, there are two recent interviews that are both quite good and I thought it might be prudent to share them promptly as opposed to waiting.

The AV Club provides the first here, and in it Mr. Merritt answers a pretty diverse array of questions. Most of them aren't of particular substance necessarily, but if you're sick of reading the "I put the poems on index cards" story but still appreciate Mr. Merritt's punditry, then it is recommended.

The next with the New York City Center is here. In it, Mr. Merritt talks at length about his favorite obscure musical and goes into some detail about his own work in musical theater. I really recommend it. Thanks very much to Matt Weinstock for sending the interview my way!!