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Friday, September 19, 2014

Dans la cour

Stephin Merritt wrote the score for the new Catherine Deneuve film Dans la Cour (the English translation being In the Courtyard). The film premiered in France earlier this year, with an international release forthcoming. The film's plot revolves around a musician, so it's possible that the music is more than just incidental, although this is purely conjecture on my part. That being said, Mr. Merritt's incidental music for Eban and Charley is some of my favorite work of his, so I'd be excited to hear anything! Watch the trailer for the film below.

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  1. Too bad, there's only "all my little words" in the soundtrack, along with the Cramps cover of "I can't hardly stand it". The movie mixes irony and drama, that fits quite well with Merritt's world. Rather good I would say as for Salvadori's film ( you should see "les apprentis" ). A good opportunity for me to write this on my blog just because the Magnetic Fields is not a top selling groupe in France : http://www.alainleost.com/archives-du-blog/magnetic-fields/