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Monday, March 10, 2014

101 Two-Letter Words

In a rather strange, yet not-so-unexpected turn of events, Stephin Merritt is publishing his first book!  The book, entitled 101 Two-Letter Words, is to be a series of 101 four-line poems highlighting all of the accepted two-letter words from Scrabble.  The book will feature illustrations from prominent illustrator Roz Chast (whose name Autocorrect keeps changing to "Roz Chaste").  Stephin Merritt briefly talks about the book and its origins here.

The book is to be published this October by W.W. Norton & Company.  Pre-order it here.


  1. happy you're back. also: can't wait for this book.

  2. What a great gift for my wordy, scrabbly friends. Helps memorize the 2-letter words. Only thing better would be a Stephin sing-along.

    Warning: wwnorton.com requires passwords 8-16 characters with at upper and lower case characters and digits. You learn this after you get it wrong, with a stew of buggy error messages. And shipping is exorbitant ($8 for UPS Ground). Other than that, delighted to pre-order.