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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Future Bible Heroes to release "Partygoing," plus retrospective box set!

Here it is, folks!  The news I've been waiting to report since I started this blog!  THE NEW FUTURE BIBLE HEROES ALBUM IS COMING OUT THIS YEAR!!!  It is entitled Partygoing and it's going to look a lot like this:

The release date is June 4th, via Merge Records!  And, if that isn't enough for you, then get a load of this: on top of that, FBH will be releasing a retrospective box set of ALL their previously recorded material, entitled Memories of Love, Eternal Youth, and Partygoing.  The box set will be released in both CD and vinyl formats, marking not only the first time that these albums are available worldwide, but also the first time they are available in vinyl format.

The box set's cover will look like this:

More information can be found at House of Tomorrow and the Merge Records website.

I'm shaking as I type this I am so excited!  I would have been thrilled for a new album alone, but ALL the FBH material coming to vinyl!?!?  Why is the world so good to me these days?

EDITED TO ADD: OMG you can totally go here and hear a brand new Claudia-sung Future Bible Heroes track entitled "Living, Loving, Partygoing!"  It's remarkable, of course.  Also: there is a track entitled "Satan, Your Way is a Hard One," which was the title of the abandoned Gothic Archies single and I'm confused and delighted and is it obvious I'm freaking out a little?


  1. ahghghghghghghgghghgh
    amazing news.

    where is the track list?

  2. http://mergerecords.com/store/store_detail.php?catalog_id=937

    There, Mr. Pena, there!

    I am in the middle of transcribing lyrics for "Living, Loving, Partygoing," also.

  3. Here are the lyrics to "Living, Loving, Partygoing" as I hear them. Any corrections will be appreciated!

    I gave you my heart
    You showed me the door
    I bought you champagne
    We danced until four

    (C): Living, loving,

    John Waters' soiree
    was spun the Warhol (?)
    I loved you to death
    Didja notice at all?


    The god folks' gay bash
    was over the top
    with fireworks and fire
    I kissed Chris the fop


    The castle was ours
    Croquet on the lawn
    We took got knows what
    and danced until dawn


    At Mink Stole's birthday
    in gay Provincetown
    I came to DJ
    and left with the clown


    I wore my clown's shows
    and fell on my head
    I slept for three days
    and woke with two friends


  4. Here are the corrections I hear:

    I brought you champagne
    We spun the Warhol
    The Guy Fawkes gay bash
    We took God knows what

    There are several other places where the pronunciation sounds unusual, and I can't tell if these are puns on names or what. But this is a fun song and beats 90% of Love at the Bottom of the Sea, REALLY looking forward to hearing this in its entirety!

    I will say, when I saw FBH compilation, I was really hoping Vacationland might pop up. Drat!

  5. Thank you, Nick!! Guy Fawkes makes soooo much more sense, that one really bothered me a lot. And "got knows what" was a typo on my part, I assure you I'm not stupid enough to mishear "God knows what." Otherwise, though, I appreciate your help a ton!!

  6. woo. i'm glad love never dies.

  7. That sounds awesome. I just saw this got uploaded to youtube, which you may like if you haven't seen it yet -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5ViXczdTUw

  8. Wow, he was in a gabby mood.

  9. Whoa, Maddock, thanks so much for sharing that!

  10. i saw him on the streets of NYC yesterday; all-brown attire, shopping bags in each hand. neutral expression. i of course treated him like any other human and ignored him until he passed by, then i craned my neck to look back and wondered..."what question was i supposed to ask him?"

    only remembered the lost 6ths album when it was far too late.

  11. Living, Loving and Party Going are all novels by English modernist Henry Green, who Merritt has obviously been reading lately.