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Friday, November 9, 2012

SM at 826NY Event

Stephin Merritt will be performing with a cavalcade of weirdos including Jonathan Franzen, Wyatt Cenac, Eugene Mirman and a whole lot more on December 7th at Union Hall.  The show is called "Rants & Other Suggestions," and is a benefit for 826NY.  Tickets and further information can be found here.


  1. Hey, just wanted to see if you'd seen this lovely cover of Like A Snowman -->

    Also, this cover of In My Secret Place by Flare popped up on youtube. It's from Verfrumdungseffekt: The songs of Stephen Merritt. Any info on that comp? Links? ;) (Seriously, though!).

  2. Woops, here's the link.

  3. Yeah, I bought the Tracey Thorn record when it came out - it's a really good cover! And, obviously, my favorite song on the record. My only complaint is that she didn't include the "I'll give you everything, my love" line.

    And the Verfrumdungseffekt comp was organized by the mailing list well before I was aware of the band's existence. The Flare song is my favorite on there, actually, but there are some other really great covers (Ernie's cover of "Living in an Abandoned Firehouse With You" chief among them). E-mail me and I'll upload the files for you if you'd like.