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Monday, October 29, 2012

Press Update

Stephin Merritt is doing some press to promote The Magnetic Fields' current tour, some of which is very, very good.  Namely, this interview with WNCW, wherein Mr. Merritt confirms that the next Future Bible Heroes is nearing completion, with an estimated arrival next Spring.  This news alone makes me as giddy as you might imagine, gentle reader.

The Dinner Party podcast has re-posted their interview with Mr. Merritt from earlier in the year, so if you didn't hear it then, get on it now.

Shuffle Magazine interviews Mr. Merritt here, featuring some fascinating little tidbits for sure.  Namely, Mr. Merritt says "When Rihanna discovers Dylan, she could become a great songwriter."  As confounding a statement as Mr. Merritt's ever made, though not one with which I am inclined to disagree.

Lastly, Mr. Merritt interviews Daniel Handler The Phoenix here.  Mr. Handler's nom de plume Lemony Snicket has a new book out entitled Who Could That Be at This Hour? and you should all go out and buy it right now because Mr. Handler is absolutely fabulous and deserves his book to be a bestseller.


  1. i can't wait for the new future bible heroes!! and is stephin merritt writing music for lemony snicket's new books?

  2. I don't think SM has anything to do with the new Snicket books, no. There's only going to be four books in the series, though, so it would be a nice EP followup to Tragic Treasury.

  3. That would be awesome. Tragic Treasury is undoubtedly the best album to come from Stephin since 2000.