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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Quick!" music video

Above you can watch the kinda strange new music video for The Magnetic Fields' "Quick!"  It's full of small crustaceans and water and garbage cans and beautiful women and all that sounds confusing until you sit down and watch the thing.

Still no word on whether or not a physical single is forthcoming, but I think it's safe to assume it ain't happenin' at this point.


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    1. Oh I watched it all the way through, but I was far too distracted by the very very pretty woman to care about any male, beautiful or not.

  2. It's a beautiful video. I think they are releasing it as a single.

  3. Delete my previous comment if you can.

  4. In view of the product, I think they should put a lid on getting videos done. With the Magnetic Fields, to me it's just like having a VJ session while reading a book.

    Do we have to like the video just because it can be related to Endgame?