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Friday, April 6, 2012

An Endless Procession of Interviews

In the Village Voice's interview with Mr. Stephin Merritt, found here, he becomes downright chatty when talking about his habit of buying strange instruments.  Of particular interest is his apparent ongoing but silent feud with one Trent Reznor.

Chapel Hill Weekly interviews Mr. Merritt here.  The cockroach-related incident to which he makes a reference can be viewed here.  The video shows scantly more than Mr. Merritt's seeming giddiness over the situation, but is delightful nonetheless.

Lastly, The Boston Globe has an interview with him as well, found here.

UPDATE:  The Washington Post just posted this interview, which leaves me screaming "Can we get Antony on a goddamn 6ths record already?"  Seriously, I can't tell you what a dream that would be.


  1. I was at that MergeXX show and Claudia made me laugh so hard when that cockroach came out. She flipped. Afterwards they named it but I don't remember what they named it.

  2. antony on a 6ths record would be too perfect.
    where's that damn record?! agh

  3. I have some dream 6ths vocalists for sure, Mr. Pena, and Antony's particularly high on that list. It makes me really sad that there hasn't been a new 6ths record in so long, I think I've espoused my love of "Hyacinths & Thistles" enough that it's known how particularly effected by its absence I am.

    Liam, I'm jealous! I really wanted to go to that show, and would have done had they released any kind of schedule. I could only afford to go for one day and I wasn't sure what day TMF would be playing so I just nixed the whole idea of going. Still kind of regret it.

  4. The second interview made me recall something. I noticed that Stephin didn't touch his ears at all during the concert in Iowa, so good for him.

  5. I think he must have some fancy new earplug, because he barely covered his ear at all any of the three shows I saw.