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Monday, April 16, 2012

Countless (but actually countable) interviews

NPR interviewed Stephin Merritt and you can listen to it here.  He talks about his songwriting process pretty extensively, at one point comparing love to crossword puzzles.  Using "chaos as the entree"on the next Magnetic Fields record makes a certain blogger shiver with anticipation.

The G-Man interviews Mr. Merritt here, and Crib Notes does so here.

Avant Greensboro has posted this really great review of The Magnetic Fields' two-night tenure in North Carolina, which includes a particularly charming story about meeting Ms. Claudia Gonson.

The Tour at the Bottom of the Sea has come to close along with the American leg of The Magnetic Fields' international tour.  The picture here, however, proves that it is going out with a bang.  A bevy of gratitude should be expressed to Ms. Emma Straub and Mr. Michael Fusco for being so cool and candid whilst touring with the band.  Cheers.

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