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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Videos from Tibet House and Upstairs at the Square

Someone posted this absolutely wonderful video of Stephin Merritt singing "Book of Love" last month at the Tibet House benefit at Carnegie Hall:

Mr. Merritt is accompanied by a string quartet, resulting in the song's best live rendition I've ever heard.

Also, be sure to watch Mr. Merritt and the fabulous Ms. Emma Straub at Upstairs at the Square here.  It's the entire performance and interview, and is wholly entertaining throughout.  If you're too lazy to dedicate an hour of your time to a really fascinating video, though, perhaps you can just read a recap of the event here.

Austinist interviews Stephin Merritt here, and Black Book does so here.  The best interview of today's batch, however, is with Seattle Weekly, where Mr. Merritt recommends cupcakes and mentions an idea for an alternate cover to Love at the Bottom of the Sea.  Also be sure to check out pictures from The Magnetic Fields' show at Union Transfer on Union Transfer's Facebook page.


  1. Wow MPW.... lots of meat there to get me chops around! Big ta. B x

  2. Shit continues to go down in droves in this little world, kind sir.

  3. that rendition of Book of Love was the fanciest ever! i'm ecstatic. so glad he did something live with different instrumentation.