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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tour blog! Radio shows! Oh my!

Mr. Michael Fusco and Ms. Emma Straub, the oh-so-lovely merch team for The Magnetic Fields, have started the 2012 tour blog, Tour at the Bottom of the Sea.  If you followed the last two tour blogs, then you already know what a hoot they are and how much rejoicing should be appropriate to celebrate the new one.

Also, be sure to listen to Stephin Merritt on the Dinner Party Download podcast and on BBC Radio 6.

The new record comes out in two days.  I'll likely have my copy in one.  People.  We all need to be excited.  Remember to buy the record, and tickets to see the band on their upcoming tour.  Also you all need to go to see Mr. Merritt and the aforementioned Ms. Straub on March 8th at Upstairs on the Square.


  1. The BBC Radio 6 interview starts at about 2 hours and 6 minutes in

  2. SM should be on more podcasts. I like podcasts.