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Friday, March 2, 2012

Strange Pawers, Interviews

I suppose it was inevitable, really, but behold the new Tumblr account Strange Pawers, which brings together the two disparate worlds of cute pictures of kitty cats and Stephin Merritt lyrics.  Oh, internet.

Behold as well the new Tiny Mix Tapes interview with Stephin Merritt which can be found here.  Not to be outdone, The Brag has similarly posted an interview with Mr. Merritt here.  

Lastly, the lovely reader/commenter Maddock has undergone the task of transcribing the lyrics for Love at the Bottom of the Sea, which can be found here.  I am forever a prude, so I'm refusing to read any of these lyrics until I have the record in my hands, but suffice it to say that this was an endlessly cool thing for Maddock to do.  Oh, and Merge shipped my copy of the record already so it won't be too long before you lot are subjected to my effusively pretentious review of it.  Get ready!


  1. Strange pawers ftw! Everything i love in one DELICIOUS package!! lol

  2. My record came in the mail today. Unfortunately, no eggshell-colored vinyl. Though at least I got a dead-cool pin.

  3. Oh no. This does not bode well for me at all. Glad you got the pin! When did you order the record? I think I was in there like 12 hours after they advertised it. Fingers crossed. Oh and stick some photos of it up on twitter Alex!

  4. I do not understand why I'm going to wind up being the last one to receive a copy of the record!! Its more than slightly frustrating, I want to hear this so much.

    Mine was shipped yesterday, or at least that's when I received the e-mail. When did they ship yours, Alex?

  5. @Michael They sent an email on February 28th.

    @Brian The receipt said the order was place on December 13th. I might take some pictures later.

    Also, I missed this at first, but it came with a promotional poster for the album as well. The pin and poster must come with the pre-orders. The pin they gave me says "LISTEN TO THE MAGNETIC FIELDS" in black text on a gold background, like the sticker from the Long Vermont Roads single.

  6. Michael - I'm so bloody excited about reading your 'effusively pretentious' review. It will be great.