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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stream Love at the Bottom of the Sea!!!

NPR has posted the first stream of The Magnetic Fields' new album, Love at the Bottom of the Sea, and it can be found here.  I am saving myself for the March 6th release date because I am a prude and a bit of an idiot, but COME ON, PEOPLE, GO LISTEN TO THIS!!  Talk about how great it is in the comments, if you will.

Also, The Arts Desk posted an excellent interview with Stephin Merritt here.  Thanks to Russ Coffey for bringing it to my attention.


  1. This is absolutely wonderful. I'm trying to not listen to the full album, though it's hard. Pretty much every song has left an impression.

  2. Pardon, I meant a strong impression.

  3. As much as I generally hate streams, I'm pleased as punch you're enjoying it, Mr. Anderson.

  4. I love fat, beareded Stephin more than anything.

  5. The whole band looks really dashing in that photograph, actually.

  6. You love fat beardies? You must be a bear!

  7. I've been listening for a few days, and I have to admit I'm disappointed. There are a couple good songs here, but a lot of it is dross. God Wants Us To Wait is god-awful. There are some funny one-liners, but generally I was underwhelmed lyrically. It's got one-note joke songs (Hugh), self-cannibalization (Your Girlfriend's Face is California Girls II), and some of the songs are so short they hardly leave an impression. And I love short pop songs, but most of these are lacking in dynamics, without any interesting development lyrically or musically.

    There's nothing here that really pushes the band out. For all the talk of new synth sounds, sonically it's not much different from a lot of 80s synth or previous MF records (eg,Charm of the highway strip). Almost every track reminded me of an earlier (superior) TMF, or FBH, or Gothic Archies song.

    I'll note that the songs I do like are:
    All She Cares About is Mariachi
    Andrew in Drag (despite the lazy chorus)
    The Only Boy in Town
    Anywhere With Hugh

    I'm typing this because I'm still hoping I can be talked out of feeling this way. Look forward to hearing others' re(Disposable lyrics, good melody)views/comments!

  8. Goin' Back to the Country and Infatuation (with your Gyraton) are clearly tributes to Fleetwood Mac and Gary Numan respectively, don't you think?

  9. By the way, it would be nice if you posted the lyrics, Michael. It is difficult to work them out after trying to do it myself, headphones at full volume, at Distorsion's release.

  10. Nick, don't feel too bad, there's been some discourse in the mailing list and other places as well. The reviews of the record seem to be split about 60/40, with 60% in favor of it. I'd be nervous, but the last three records all got negative reviews initially and all wound up being goddamn masterpieces in my mind.

    Anonymous, I'd love to transcribe the lyrics, but I can't listen to the record until I have a copy of it in my hands!! Or else, I refuse to do so. So, by the time I'm able to transcribe the lyrics, the world will have liner notes with lyric sheets in them and my work will be unnecessary.

  11. Michael, out of curiosity will you spend the first listen reading the liner notes? I couldn't imagine doing that. I think it would ruin the experience.

  12. I'll read the lyrics along with the music, yeah. Just to avoid confusion and get the most out of the experience, really.

  13. I can't do that. I suppose the problem with not doing that is perhaps singing a wrong line until such time as you do read the liner notes. I have to absorb myself aurally in the music without any kind of distraction whatsoever.

  14. I've had a go at transcribing the lyrics but I'm unsure of a few bits

    http://pastebin.com/apaMwsGV < here

    Could use some insight on track 1: [Wet/Wed] with your girlfriend's face - both of these half make sense, but it's hard to hear much distiction here

    3 Now you might to kiss the dew on my [hen] But when male and female create it heathen[] - this doesn't make an awful lot of sense. heathen could be an exclaimation and hen a euphemism, but it could also be something different entirely

    4 This isn't an easy one to hear but it seems about right except quite possibly "Tongatu". The lyrics are a bit ambiguous, is the protagonist a rapist?

    9 [wing country word] I really have no idea what is sung here

    10 place an [acid/asset] could be anything, quite hard to hear. One major website had it as "asses", which makes no sense

    12 Yeah, no idea

    13 [her further just] makes no sense

    There might be one or two more errors, but it looks okay. I actually thought a couple of the weaker songs seemed a lot better after looking at the lyrics. Overall I'm enjoying this album a lot.

  15. And there are a couple of typos like where I pasted "thing" instead of "think", but y'know, I haven't had my alcohol yet.

  16. Whoa, Maddock, this is incredibly cool of you. I am going to continue to be a stickler and refuse to read any of this, as it's FAR too revealing for my liking, but I'll link to it so others can use it as a resource for the next couple of days. Thank you so much!

  17. Oh cool, didn't realise you were going to link it, in that case I should give the link to the version where I fixed the typos too :) http://pastebin.com/PMm5PEhW

    Hopefully somebody can fix the [] bits, though we should have the official lyrics in a few days anyway like you say.

  18. Maddock, here are the bracketed lyrics I hear:
    1 Wet with your girlfriend's face
    3 Now you might like to kiss the dew on my hem
    But when male and female created He them
    4 ???
    9 "wing country work" maybe? it makes more sense in context of the preceding lines, although it really violates the rhyme scheme
    10 On my head they'll place an ass's
    12 It's a place more women stay / Than the YWCA
    Into drinks, you think she'll care?
    13 You were, you murmur, further, just a child but now you've grown

  19. Ooh, also, I think the ending of "Hugh" might be:
    ...who'd go anywhere with you.
    Me? I'd do anything for Hughley
    who'd go anywhere with you

  20. Those look good, yip. Thanks!

    I'm thinking the line in "The Horrible Party" is actually "Here in a darkness known hitherto only t(w)o []"