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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A pair of interviews

Stephin Merritt gives what is probably his best interview yet of this particular press junket to The Skinny here.  In it, he divulges that he is currently working with a staggering 22 backing tracks for the upcoming Future Bible Heroes, as well as the primary inspiration for the musical upon which he is working with Mr. Daniel Handler.  I am, however, continuously befuddled about the fate of the so-called "lost" 6ths record, and even moreso by the fact that no interviewer ever thinks it necessary to question him about its sad fate.

The Stool Pigeon offers a rather dichotomous interview here.  The interviewer spends the majority of his time asking Mr. Merritt about his feelings on sincerity in pop music, a subject that is not only exhausted in several interviews, but with which Mr. Merritt has openly expressed disdain.  Naturally, it becomes a prickly interview about halfway through and henceforth there is a dearth of new or interesting information to be had.  Ah, well.

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