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Friday, February 24, 2012

More press than I'm comfortable shaking a stick at!

Stephin Merritt did a marvelous rendition of "Andrew in Drag," solo on his ukulele for DIY.  Watch the video below:

Somehow, this barebones version of the song renders it even more bleak and depressing than its studio counterpart.  It makes me anxious to know what the live version with the full band will sound like!

Music OMH has posted this interview with Mr. Merritt.  While it does not cover a ton of new ground, it is interesting in and of itself.  The comparison of Love at the Bottom of the Sea to Get Lost is both confusing and enticing.

Lastly, two more reviews of the new record have been posted.  Firstly, Rabbit Hole Urban Music posted this review, calling the record charming and likable.  The aforementioned Music OMH posted this review, which has sparked some amount of controversy over at Twitter.  Understandably so, if you ask one certain blogger.  To say that Mr. Merritt's songwriting hasn't evolved since 69 Love Songs is clearly the opinion of a madman who hasn't been paying attention, and I refuse to believe it's bias leading me to that opinion.


  1. i like that video a lot thanks for sharing. makes me excited to see the magnetic fields in april!!!

  2. I note that this from the OMH interview: "I don't mind having done something 3 albums ago and I don't mind re-using elements" explains why 'Quick!' on Love at the Bottom of the Sea is identical - apart from the lyrics - to 'The Dreaming Moon' from Get Lost. Good for Stephin, a good tune should be reused - Handel did it all the time, so why shouldn't he?