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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Interview + LatBotS Review

The first in what will likely turn out to be a long series of interviews from Mr. Stephin Merritt's recent press junket has been posted by The Guardian.  In it, Mr. Merritt discusses bear culture, the infamous Butt Magazine photoshoot, and, of course, the new record.  While there is perhaps not quite enough information about the new record to please a certain blogger, Mr. Merritt appears to be in top interview form.

Furthermore, Contact Music has posted a very early review of Love at the Bottom of the Sea, ultimately awarding it 6/10.  While this number may seem cold, several nice things are said about the record as well.

Don't forget to pre-order as many copies Love at the Bottom of the Sea as you can and buy tickets to see The Magnetic Fields on their upcoming tour!


  1. Does anyone know where I can find the nude pix of Stephin from Butt Magazine? I did a search on their site to no avail. HELP! POR FAVOR!

    I'll be your best friend (from the movie "Heathers"). Random, I know.

  2. And does anyone know what happened on the date he had with Jeopardy champ Jason Keller. As u know Keller mentioned on Jeopardy that he contacted by Stephin and they spent the afternoon together in lower Manhattan. I mean did they date? Did they have sex? I mean that was a big step for Keller to announce that to millions of viewers, considering that Stephin is openly gay. So in turn he's either gay himself or extremely open minded. And i mean EXTREMELY.