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Friday, January 27, 2012

"When Next in Love I Fall" lyrics!

Having received my copy of the "Andrew in Drag" 7" today, my day has been whiled away listening and re-listening to the B-side "When Next in Love I Fall."  It's a really gorgeous song with an unforgettable melody and poignantly poetic lyrics that are not transcribed, much to my own befuddlement and ire, in a lyric sheet of any kind.  As such, I've taken it upon myself to transcribe the lyrics as I have heard them.

When next in love I fall,
it will be for a day,
no less no more.
For after that it's all downhill:
meeting the folks, 
hearing their jokes!
It's all a hoax
and such a bore.

A day and nothing more.

When next in love I fall,
I think I'll fill one night and 
then move on.
We'll laugh a laugh,
and drink a drink.
Then vow a vow 
to bow a bow,
remembering how love doesn't dawn.

One night and then move on.

When next in love I fall,
I guess a single hour will be enough
to play the games of love and chess.
We'll speak of Sartre
and sing of art,
then dance apart
which will be rough.

One hour will be enough.

When next in love I fall,
I'll give it three minutes
just like a song.
I'll give it just that long to live
before before
before before 
before before
it all goes wrong.

Three minutes like a song.

There is a question mark by the line ending with "die" because, having listened to it several times, that is what I discern it to be, but this line would break the rhyme scheme otherwise presented in the song.  Any ears more objectively discerning than my own would be appreciated!  Lyrics have most probably been corrected, with many thanks extended to the oh-so lovely Mr. Brian Coffey.


  1. FedEx says my copy will arrive tomorrow, so I'll let you know what I hear yeah

    1. That would be quite kind of you, sir. I'm more and more bothered by it...

  2. On my first few listens before you had even transcribed the lyrics I thought he was singing 'dawn'.

    1. Brian, you big beautiful Irish GENIUS. Correction them now, thank you forevermore.

  3. Replies
    1. So the lyrics of The Magnetic Fields homage/pastiche "I Want to Be Stephin Merritt's Boyfriend" (created and posted on youtube by a random fan, I guess) mention that the two would "casually quote Sartre" and now Stephin has referenced Sartre! Coincidence?

      Also, there's a 1:30 preview of the B-side here for those of us who didn't order the 7"