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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Andrew in Drag" now streaming!

Merge Records has uploaded "Andrew in Drag," The Magnetic Fields' first single off their new record, to stream here.  Do I need to tell you that it's GREAT?  Do I need to tell you that however excited I was before now seems like a silly amount of excitement in comparison to the corpulent excitement within me after hearing this song?  Listen to the song, people.

Merge Records has the "Andrew in Drag" 7" available for preorder here.  They describe the single's b-side, "When Next In Love, I Fall," as ukulele-driven, which would be in stark juxtaposition with the very synthy a-side, but is riveting information nonetheless.  You have an overeager blogger on your hands, kind readers!


  1. Lyrics, I think:

    A pity she does not exist,
    a shame he's not a fag.
    The only girl I ever loved
    was Andrew in drag.

    There is no hope of love for me,
    from here on I go stag.
    The only girl I'll ever love
    is Andrew in drag.

    (C): Andrew in drag,
    Andrew in drag.
    Andrew in drag,

    I don't know why I even went,
    it's really not my bag.
    Just thought it might be funny
    to see Andrew in drag.

    The moment he walked on that stage,
    my tail began to wag.
    Wag like a little wiener dog
    for Andrew in drag.


    I've always been a ladies man,
    and I don't have to brag.
    But, I've become a momma's boy
    for Andrew in drag.

    I'd sign away my trust fund,
    I'd even sell the jag
    if I could spend my misspent youth
    with Andrew in drag.


    So, stick him in a dress
    and he's the only boy I'd shag.
    The only boy I'd anything
    is Andrew in drag.

    I'll never see that girl again,
    he did it as a gag.
    I'll pine away forevermore
    for Andrew in drag.

  2. I share your excitement for this record. This single is perfection!!

  3. Couldn't agree more, Mr. Allison. It's so infectiously great, I just cannot stop listening to it.

  4. This album should be a hoot.