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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Obscurities Out Now!

Obscurities, the long-awaited Stephin Merritt rarities collection, is out now via Merge Records.  Purchase the album at the Merge Records online store, which offers free shipping to all US orders.  The $17.98 vinyl edition offers a free download code in order to upload the record to MP3 format.  Cheers!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Stream Obscurities, New Interview

Obscurities is streaming in its entirety over here!!  It felt like a short listen, but hearing all those new songs is so worth it.  "The Sun and The Sea and The Sky" may already be amongst my favorite Stephin Merritt songs (and therefore amongst my favorite of any songs); why he didn't include it in the final lineup of 69 Love Songs will forever elude me.  Anyhow, many many thanks to Paste Magazine for streaming the album, and you lot should all go listen to it and then buy as many copies of the record next week as you can possibly muster.

Also, Cowbell Magazine just posted this very cool interview with Mr. Merritt wherein he dissects the process of compiling the record and goes into detail about the origins of some of the songs.  In particular, he offers up a scant bit more information on A Buffalo Rome, confirming the singer of "Plant White Roses" once and for all (and after hearing it, it seems slightly obvious).  Furthermore, he continues to mislead with the possibilities of The Song From Venus ever actually being released which is all well and good.

Go listen to Obscurities, I implore you all.  Particularly if you're unfamiliar with some of Mr. Merritt's work from the early 90's, this is a good way to whet your appetite before you take the full plunge and start hunting down old 7" records on eBay.