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Thursday, June 30, 2011

First Obscurities Review, Neil Gaiman

The first review of Obscurities can be read here.  It's pretty much wholly positive, if a bit nonplussed with the lack of new tracks.  The reviewer does refer to the singer of "Plant White Roses" as Claudia Gonson, which feels like a mistake, but still succeeds in furthering my confusion as to the origin of that particular track.

Also, Neil Gaiman sheds scant more information on the aforementioned-on-this blog Grand Guignol musical he is writing with Mr. Stephin Merritt in this interview.  In it, he refers to the project as "disturbing theatre with songs."  Not quite a shocker to hear, of course, but completely exciting nonetheless.


  1. wheeeeeeeeeee
    thank you. also, i had forgotten about Grand Guignol.

  2. hey, thanks for the links - they're at once illuminating and confusing. i still feel like obscurities is a bit of a letdown, but the new tracks - particularly the claudia gonson (!) sung plant white roses, should be interesting. look forward to it.

    and i'm just going to keep bothering you... you should rip vacationland sometime. also, do you have the 7" 100,000 fireflies? i've been looking for that, and will buy it as soon as i find it.

  3. Yes - please do rip Vacationland! I'd love to hear it. There's pretty simple instructions for ripping a cassette online, like here:


  4. Huh, it looks like a promo CD of Obscurities is already on sale for $30 on eBay.

  5. Yep, and it's leaked all over the internet on shady torrent sites. Mine's downloading right now :)

  6. It looks like TMF are back on Merge. It begs the question What of Nonesuch?

  7. it sure does sound like claudia on 'plant white roses', it is definitely not the susan anway. also, not quite sure which version of 'take ecstasy with me' is included here - don't think it is the female vocal version that was on an old merge comp.

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