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Monday, May 23, 2011


That's right!  A long-awaited Stephin Merritt rarities collection is in the works, and it has a super delicious-looking cover.  Can words express how excited I am by this prospect?  NONONO!

Sure, half the tracks are available on 7" records and other such things, but the other half are songs that have never before been released!!  There are three songs from the as-yet unfinished Stephin Merritt/Daniel Handler musical collaboration The Song From Venus, one 69 Love Songs outtake, and the heavy metal song "Scream (Till You Make the Scene)," which Mr. Merritt briefly mentions in Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and The Magnetic Fields.

The album, about which I am having trouble not pontificating at this point, is being released August 23rd by Merge Records (which seems strange, but most of these songs were originally released on Merge, so I assume it's a legal issue).  I highly recommend that everyone read this Stereogum article, in which Mr. Merritt extrapolates about each song on the forthcoming release.  More excitingly, it features an mp3 of "Forever and a Day," a song from The Song From Venus.  It's a very beautiful ukulele wedding song that sounds like it would have fit perfectly on 69 Love Songs.

I haven't been this excited to post a piece of news on this blog in a long time!  Let us all rejoice!  I have yet to locate a place where a preorder is available, but you can assume it'll be mentioned here as soon as it becomes available to preorder.