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Monday, February 21, 2011

Stephin Merritt Covers Franz Ferdinand

Stephin Merritt is contributing yet another cover song to this year's Record Store Day.  This April 16, Franz Ferdinand will release a 12" entitled Covers, featuring a contribution from Mr. Merritt.  All songs will apparently be from Franz Ferdinand's last LP entitled Tonight, but a specific tracklist for the 12" has yet to be released.


  1. looks like he's doing a song called "Dream Again."

  2. Got this E.P. on Saturday. The 'Dream Again' cover is excellent. In fact, the whole E.P. is good. Get it if you still can...

  3. Picked it up yesterday along with some other RSD swag.

    The song was good! I had listened to the original version several times in preperation, and SM's cover sounded exactly like I expected it would. Which is a good thing!

    I was totally bummed, however, that Mr. Merritt's first name was spelled "Stephen" several times on the record's cover. Yuck.

  4. I really like it. Reminds me of early gloomy Magnetic Fields. The misspelling of Stephin is obnoxious. Any time I do a Google search I always search for both, because it's such a common mistake.

  5. Well, the Franz Ferdinand version even reminds me of "If I'm Not Looking, You're Not There," so this one does so tenfold, obviously. But, I do like it a lot, for sure. I just hope this ain't the only SM-related release this year.

  6. So no word on that imminent FBH release? Dang.