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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Magnetic Fields in Spanish

An Argentine trio by the name of Alvy, Nacho, y Rubin has released a Stephin Merritt tribute album entitlted Alvy, Nacho, y Rubin interpretan a Los Campos Magneticos.  The band has apparently spent the past year or so working with Claudia Gonson and Stephin Merritt to interpret his songs into Spanish.  The results?  Phenomenal.

Without resorting to hyperbole, this may be one of my favorite covers of one of Mr. Merritt's songs I've yet heard.  There are more videos of the band playing live here, but really, you should just buy the album.  It's available on iTunes and I'm confirming details of a physical release as we speak.

Eternal gratitude to the band's producer, Mr. Federico Novick for alerting me to the band's existence.


  1. Yeah, they have a TON of videos on youtube.
    Cool to hear that they have an album out!

  2. very rough translation

    first guy:
    we wanted to make a kind of music that none of us would make outside of this trio.

    secong guy: [i don't know what the F he's saying! i'm a bad argentine]

    third guy: the band is a game for me, singing and playing.

    1. Hello! I'm argentine, I've met Magnetic Fields after listening Alvy, Nacho And Rubin! It's awesome everything they've done. Let me translate the video for you.

      1st Rubin: "I believe the three of us are expecting to play rythms and music in a way that no one of us does in our other proyects outside the trio."

      2nd Alvy:"the most interesting is when you form a band, when you feel the combination of each of us creating something unique.

      3rd Nacho:"the band is a game for me, singing and playing. Playing to be a singer..."


  3. I just discovered that vol II is out! This is how I try to get my brother into the Magnetic fields, since he is learning Spanish at the moment.