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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Stephin Merritt is featured on a recording by Spanish singer Remate.  The song is entitled "Gigante" and also features collaborations from past Merritt collaborators Pinky Weitzman, Charles Newman, and LD Beghtol (who does a whopping amount of work on the song).  You can download the song and listen to the entire digital EP here.  It is apparently going to be released on Remate's upcoming album, Superluv, though I'm unable to find a specific release date.  If anyone has any information on that, I'd love to hear it!


  1. Awesome! all 4 tracks are amzaing
    Merritt=Pure Genius

    Nice quote; If you want to be a bear.....be a Grizzly! enjoy your weekend :)

    Gracias Michael!

  2. woah, new merritt all of a sudden. he's so international. the EP is great.
    are you thinking hey may have done more stuff for the whole album?

  3. I'm relatively certain that Mr. Beghtol produced the entire LP, but I can't speak for further contributions by Mr. Merritt. I'm having a hard time finding any information on the LP at all, really.

  4. http://remate-diary.blogspot.com/

  5. Wow, thanks so much! I see "Gigante" is being released as a 10" record. Not to be annoying, but do you know when or where I'll be able to purchase that? I went to the Everlasting Records site and couldn't find any information on it.

    But, seriously, thanks again!

  6. hey mr williamson: your uncle ld produced/arranged/mixed the album, which will be released on everlasting in europe and another label in the u.s. in january. also on itines or the equivalent at the same time. sm played uk on gigante and des a funny voice-over on another track. guests julia kent (cello), pinkie weitzman (stroh violin, viola), jon derosa (assorted guitars) and sam lazzara (drums, percussion, vibes) appear on various other tracks... along with about 20 gues backing vocalists, and lead vocals by chanteuse julie delano (of the and the leader). remate and i played everyting else: guitars, pianos, keyboards, bowed psaltry, glocks, marxophones, etc. it's pretty fun, i think. check out remate o facebok, myspace, bandcamp, his website, etc. and new yorkers should try to come see him in a rare series of shows here in november.
    my dear friends locas in love, from koln, did the bear machine remix. i adore them and hope you check them out as well... they're superlative, and like remate they are multilingual. we're making the ext remate record at their studio maybe next year sometime...
    xox ldb

  7. Always the gentleman, Mr. Beghtol. Thank you so much for the huge amount of information!

    And, for the record, I adore Locas in Love.

  8. they're amazing, no? look for a future new project w/ LIL and yours truly. not sure whom the guests might be, but i suspect the celebrated mr k can be dragged out of retirement...
    keep up the good work.

  9. Hi NY aging spinsters - Remate is playing NYC on the following dates.

    Nov 8 - Cake Shop - Remate 8pm (sharp)
    Nov 10 - Rock Shop - Remate 8pm (sharp)
    Nov 13 - Living Room - Remate 9pm (sharp)