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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Interview with Kerthy Fix

Ms. Kerthy Fix is interviewed on the See it Loud podcast, episode 14.  Listen to it here.  She discusses working with Stephin Merritt, playing his straight man, and an innumerable amount of other interesting topics.

Big blog-related news coming soon, readers.  I'm very excited about a lot of things right now is all I'll say for now, but expect something in the coming weeks!


  1. Would I be that one dude, maybe?

  2. I'm excited for the blog news!

  3. Nah, Mr. Anderson, but email or FB me cause it's a project on which I could use your help, actually!

    And, Keith, ya damn well should be! I can't wait to share it with you guys. It's actually pretty big stuff.

  4. This is exciting!
    I'm glad that the blog activity has really ramped up again.
    And some nice finds there. Good stuff.

  5. Thank you Michael for the awesome updates. The interview was refreshing and awe-inspiring:)