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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grand Guignol, other random awesome shit

Pictured here are Mr. Neil Gaiman, Ms. Amanda Palmer, and then some other guy.  I post this photo because Mr. Gaiman has revealed some potentially breaking news over at his Twitter feed.  It reads as follows:

"Just got off the phone with Stephin Merritt.  The Grand Guignol Musical we've talked about for years just came together in my head.  JOY."

I've known the two were collaborating thanks to Mr. Gaiman's wonderful blog, but this just takes the cake as far as I'm concerned.  Those of you who might not know what Grand Guignol means are humbly referred to this site.  But, for those of you who skip that link, HOLY SHIT, RIGHT?  I'm not sure how many crossover Stephin Merritt/Neil Gaiman fans there really are (though common sense leads me estimate tons and tons of us), but those two combined sensibilities working in Grand Guignol seems like almost too good an idea. 

There's also this interview with Stephin Merritt, which was initially published a few months ago in the midst of all the Realism promotion hubbub, but reposted now due to audio clips of Stephin Merritt talking.  How exciting, right?  Ahem. 

Not to mention the buttload of new screenings of Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and The Magnetic Fields!  It's showing all over, and I recommend you check out the list of screenings and DONATE ALL YOUR CASH TO the official website.  Still no signs of a Chicago screening, which irks a certain blogger more than he'd like to admit.


  1. Neil Gaiman opened for the Magnetic Fields June 2001 in NYC. He read from "American Gods" (his current novel at the time) and also told several short stories. I remember the audience liking him quite a bit.

    I personally think an author is an ideal opening act for the band.

  2. Yeah, and I know Daniel Handler and Rick Moody have both opened for them in the past. All three are unimaginably cool openers, to be sure. Two of them are some of my favorite contemporary writers, f'realz.

    I also thought Michael Hearst was a super cool opening act, though my One Ring Zero fandom might be forcing me to say such things.

  3. Truth be told my favorite opening act was on the last European tour. No opener :)