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Sunday, May 23, 2010

69 Love Scenes

69 Love Scenes is a three-night play written by a gaggle of writers based on 69 Love Songs.  The Gnap Theatre in Austin, TX will be presenting it in its workshop form May 21 - June 12.  Tickets can be purchased here.  For more information on the play, check out this interview with organizer Kerri Lendo

Personally, I find this idea so exciting!  I know there have been several revues of 69 Love Songs, a ballet based on it, LD Beghtol's marvelous book, and now this.  I love that people are still so inspired by the album this long after its release.  Of course, I'd love to go, but Texas is too damn hot for me.

Also, if you want to see more photos of Stephin Merritt at the Obie Awards show (including one of him smiling (!!)), I recommend clicking this link.


  1. ...and don't forget about 69 Love Songs, illustrated, still a work in progress!

    I just got a new pair of headphones, and I'm rediscovering (or newly discovering) so many cool things about this album!

  2. One of the greatest things about my compulsive SM-listening habits is that I am always discovering new layers to his songs. "Holiday," in particular has so many sounds upon sounds that I don't know if I'll ever figure that shit out!!

  3. Did you notice that there's a slight change in the "crunch guitar" in Desert Island right after the "where we can get things done" line? Only one note.

  4. Mr(s). Anonymous, you've made me so excited to get home and hear what it is you're talking about.

    Perhaps my favorite anomalous sound on "Holiday" is the hitting of two crystal glasses together on "Torn Green Velvet Eyes."