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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An excellent interview, and some Molly Ringwald

The Examiner has posted this brief but excellent interview with Stephin Merritt regarding 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  It features this mindblowingly exciting quote:

"Something cyberpunk, I guess: It couldn't really have existed till this year, but in a subtle way. My score is a musicalization, where the dialog is vaguely lip-synched by live singers, and there are songs about the movie, and then sound effects appropriate to an old science fiction film."

The fact that I won't be seeing this makes me so, so sad.  Songs about the movie?  Live singerS?  PLURAL?  Sounds like Mr. Merritt is in top form here.  It makes me wonder what the likelihood of an eventual DVD release really would be; I hope with a hope stronger than hope that one will arise.

Also, the very beautiful Molly Ringwald has plenty of nice things to say about Mr. Merritt, Kiki and Herb, and countless other things here.  Apparently, Mr. Merritt told her she would be good in the role of the Other Mother in Coraline.  What a world!


  1. This sounds amazing. I assume the film has fallen out of copyright, so I'd imagine there wouldn't be any hurdles in getting a DVD done. Sounds like it might be a sneak-peak to the sound of the next MF album too, assuming he plasters this thing with next-gen synths!

  2. Ooh, I hadn't even thought of the new TMF angle, Mr. David, what a fascinating point. Granted, as eclectic as Mr. Merritt is, it's difficult for me to believe that there will be too many similarities, and the ones that will be will probably be superficial in nature. But, still!!!