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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Holy fucking Christ!!  This is the new trailer for Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and The Magnetic Fields and it is so incredible.  It's mostly John Woo (but other members of the band as well and Claudia Gonson's mother) talking about the writing and recording of 69 Love Songs, and its monumental impact upon its release.  Oh, man, this movie is going to be so awesome, you guys.  Eternal gratitude to Nick for this link, manohman is it awesome.

There's also this interview with Mr. Merritt, featuring his most candid comments about the documentary thus far.  Thanks very much to Jan for this interview, and kudos to him for getting such a good one.  And let's not forget this interview in French which does no good at all to an idiotic monolingual boy like myself.

Last but not least is this review of The Magnetic Fields' show in Stockholm.


  1. That was a good interview. Felt like it was from a fan.

  2. Yeah, I thought it was a good summary of new information and information not yet covered in the European press. I dug it.

    But, I especially dig the prospect of having Coraline toured!