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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Stephin Merritt will be appearing on a Chicagoan radio show on the 9th and 10th of this month.  I've yet to see whether or not this will be streamed online or at least preserved in some shape or form.  We shall see.

Variety posted this review of The Magnetic Fields' Los Angeles show, and reveals Mr. Merritt's newest band The Wasps, or something?  Yeah, congratulations on fantastic research.  Anyhow, cynicism aside, it's a decent review with a pretty neutral opinion on the show.  Here is a much more well-thought-out review, though, from Orange County Register.

Couple of new interviews as well.  This one from Milwaukee Express features an idea for an album full of untitled songs.  Interesting, to say the least.  And, then there is this one from Playback STL.

Tomorrow I leave for my trip to see The Magnetic Fields four times in four days!  I know how much you all care is the only reason I let this information be so known.  But, anyhoozle, I'll most certainly be updating with details of the shows and all their many wonders.  If picture opportunities present themselves, I will certainly snap away, but I won't be taking pictures during the show - I'll be far too busy weeping.  But, I do hope you'll excuse me if this blog is inactive for the few days I'll be gone.  I shall do my best, but all my downtime in hotels, I'm certain, shall be spent resting and freaking the geek out about how great my life is.  So, yeah...


  1. I once read an interview where Stephin said he wants to make a Magnetic Fields album called 'Greatest Hits' that features songs with titles like 'Book of Love' and '100,000 Fireflies', but they would be completly different songs then the ones we know. I think that would be hilarious.

  2. That was the interview he did with Mr. Handler at the Herbst Theater last year, and it is a fucking remarkable idea. He went on to flesh out the financial benefits of doing such a thing. Brilliant.

  3. you can stream that chicago station here http://www.wluw.org/
    and there are past episodes of that specific program here http://theretrospective.org/

  4. Keith, you're my hero! Thanks very much for this.

  5. The Wasps might be his best band... I love their first album "6ths' Nests" to bits.