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Thursday, March 11, 2010


The above photograph features Mr. Merritt and Mr. Ethan Cohn playing Erik Satie's "Vexations" on marimba.  "Vexations" is about an eight-hour long piece of music consisting of the same small bar repeated over and over 840 times in a row.  Stephin Merritt contributed about 20 minutes to a performance back in 2006, the audio of which can be heard right here.  The entire performance, (featuring Margaret Leng Tan, noted for having played toy piano on The 6ths' "I've Got New York"), can be found here.

This review of The Magnetic Fields' show last night at Town Hall features a myriad fantastic pictures from the show, including the best ones of Laura Barrett I've seen thus far.  Ms. Barrett was, by the way, fascinating.  I bought both her CDs.  But, anyhoozle, it's a nice review, even if they do misspell Ms. Simms' last name.


  1. who is this...ethan cohen? i was at the show; it was a very nice experience, and much gossip was observed.

  2. Well, actually I just realized I need to to edit this post. His name is actually Ethan Cohn (no "e" in the last name), and he is an actor in that show "Heroes," and apparent friend of SM and marimbist. He is also credited as being in the upcoming SM documentary.

    I'd've killed to be at this show, it sounds really beautiful, and not just because of Mr. Merritt's involvement. I'd love to hear some of this gossip, too, if you remember. <3