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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and The Magnetic Fields will now be screened at the Torontonian film festival Hot Docs, as is evidenced here.  Lucky Canucks.  Incidentally, the film is briefly reviewed by The Quietus; it seems the only complaint any review has made thus far is the film's lack of dramatic oomph, which is interesting, but not something about which I'm worried.  As a fan of the man and the band in question, I'm sure it will be compelling to me through and through.

The U.K. must be conducive to prompt journalism, as there are tons of reviews of The Magnetic Fields' shows at the Barbican Hall, Manchester Cathedral, and Leamington Assembly Hall.  Firstly, David Green reviews the show here.  The Arts Desk raves about the show in a very well thought-out review here.  And, finally, the astoundingly well-named Ukulele Porn describes the band as "strange, charismatic, and very special," which is, of course, all too appropriate.  Read the review right here.

Stephin Merritt is interviewed on a BBC radio show based out of Manchester here.  It's a really great interview, in which Mr. Merritt seems on top form and is henceforth asked why he isn't a stand-up comedian.  He also claims to have not quite yet written the score to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea yet, which might be worrisome if it weren't for my knowledge of Mr. Merritt's intense writing process.  Go forth and listen, all!