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Friday, March 26, 2010


Ms. Claudia Gonson is slated to perform at a benefit for Chris Knox (of Tall Dwarfs/Toy Love/6ths fame) in New York City on May 6.  Chris Knox, a brilliant musician in his own right, suffered some life-altering strokes last year and the proceeds from this show will be going to his recovery.  Stephin also contributed a cover of the Tall Dwarfs song "Beauty" to the Knox benefit/tribute album charmingly entitled Stroke earlier this year.

The absolutely lovely M+E are offering six signed LP copies of Distortion for $25 a pop at their site.  Snatch 'em up quick!

Couple more reviews of The Magnetic Fields' London show at the Barbican.  MusicOMH had a swell time at the show and talks about it in a nearly religious way, which is cool.  T5M uses the phrase "indie-rock band" in its first sentence of its review, much to my chagrin, but the rest of the review isn't bad at all, so all is (mostly) forgiven.

Footage of The Magnetic Fields playing Stockholm can be found here.


  1. I don't like your "fuck Jeff Mangum" tag. It made me sad.

  2. Well, sir or madam, don't fret; I'm actually a fan of Mr. Mangum's (though not one of those religious-type ones). That comment was made more in regards to the fact that I am probably the only news outlet in the entire universe that reported the Chris Knox benefit without mentioning his name. Just an observation I'd made.