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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


The above picture was taken at The Magnetic Fields' show at the Herbst Theater, a full review of which can be found here.  

As mentioned a few days ago, Ms. Claudia Gonson got to sit in big Swedish thrones and chat with Yoshi Kato as a part of Noise Pop Festival.  A write-up of the full event is here; scroll down to get to the bit featuring our favorite manager/drummer/pianist/taco lover.

Here is this video of Mr. Merritt performing "The Nun's Litany"at this event.  I'd love to see more from this event, particularly the Q&A.

Mr. Merritt is interviewed by the Riverfront Times here, and I am a firm believer that that first question could be asked of him about all of his songs and the answer would be consistently engaging.  The LAist interviews him here, which makes me wish I could be at one of those shows where Mr. Merritt sang the wrong lyrics to a song...  And, lastly, there's this interview with the Chicago Free Press, which appears to be nothing more than a slightly extended version of the Wisconsin Gazette interview I posted the other day.  But, whatevz.


  1. Sigh...How I love the Magnetic Fields. I can say that here, right? When I'm sad, or happy, or angry, or lame, Stephin's right there. The songs grow so much. I'm telling you this because everyone else in my life is tired of me saying it...


  2. Well, Ms. Julia, you've certainly found a safe place here. My most loyal commenters and I are of the sort that could sit around and sigh about how much we love this music all day long. I must say, as well, "The songs grow so much," is such a good summary of exactly what I love about this man's music. I don't know if I've ever heard a Stephinsong ever w/o finding something entirely new about it to love and cherish forever.

    Thanks for reading as well, ma'am.

  3. Hi, I'm a relatively new reader and a first time commenter. I really love this blog. I'm so grateful that someone such as yourself is taking the time to assemble all the media, the gossip, the drama, the discography, the leaks and the love for Stephin Merritt. Personally, I'm a whore for him and I'm glad other people are too. I also really appreciate that your tone isn't "everything-he-does-is-great", but every time you comment on a release it's your true, normally positive feelings.

    this blog is the best!

  4. Mr. P, I can't say how much I appreciate the kind words! Having started this blog mostly on a lark, I'm consistently amazed by the loyalty of Mr. Merritt's fanbase. But, really, thank you so, so much and I'm very glad you enjoy reading.


  5. The SF show was so amazing.