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Friday, March 12, 2010


So, it's not really news per se, but I found this pretty interesting.  Years ago, I read this playlist/interview with TMF accordion superstar Mr. Daniel Handler wherein he says that he wrote a screenplay inspired by The 6ths' song "Give Me Back My Dreams."  I never thought much of this other than "That's pretty goddamn cool," but apparently, it's something about which I should have thought more!  Salty Features lists the film as being in progress, much to my shock and awe, and the film has its own IMDB page.  Whoa.

Back in the realm of more Merritt-related news, The New York Times posted this review of The Magnetic Fields' Town Hall show.  Then, there's this review featuring a really glorious snippet of stage banter from Mr. Merritt.  The Awl posted this really, really great review as well, featuring a pretty cool little backstory of the author's relationship to the band. Also: I'd kill to see Stephin Merritt sing "Bela Lugosi's Dead."

The previously-mentioned-on-this-blog Sound of Indie posted a file of The Magnetic Fields playing "You and Me and the Moon" at the Brooklyn show last month.  And, not that I'm encouraging this sort of thing, but there's also a video of the band playing "Better Things" last night in Town Hall.  Pretty beautiful stuff.


  1. Just watched that video and tears came to my eyes.

  2. I cried three of the four times I saw them play it. I told you, dude, he sounds so emotive and beautiful. It's chill-inducing, for sure.

    Just wait 'til you see it f'real. Oh, gosh, I'm SO excited for you!!!