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Monday, February 22, 2010


So holy shit.

Mr(s). smokeandmirrors has done me and the rest of the world a huge favor by uploading the two records by The Zinnas!!  For those unaware, The Zinnias were Mr. Merritt's pre-Magnetic Fields band in which he was joined by Ms. Gonson, as well as a gentleman named Charlie Anflick on vocals, Johny Blood on tuba and John Gage on bass, the latter occasionally sharing songwriting duties with Mr. Merritt along with either member or friend of the band Genéve Gil.  Before tonight, this was about all the information I had about the band, but smokeandmirrors has done me a world of good by healing my ignorance!

The albums are called Sand Dollar and Compost.  They are, to be blunt, incredible to listen to and it's unbelievable that these recordings even exist, particularly in digital form.  To quote Ms. Gonson, the songs are all "under two minutes and, of course, extremely brilliant."  I feel eternally indebted to smokeandmirrors, and would like to extend the humblest thank you.  It is fascinating to hear these early recordings of "Kings" and "Otters" (later expanded into "Jeremy").


  1. wow. thanks so much to both of you. i was about to go to sleep, but fuck that, i need to hear these albums.

  2. Wow.

    I'm at a school computer and my laptop's in the shop, so I won't get a chance to listen to this for a few days. And I can't stand it.

    This has been a crazy two months for lovers of Stephin Merritt's music.

  3. Amazing... Now if only someone could upload the Buffalo Rome material.

  4. Fabergé is... fab.

    The rest has New Order stamped all over it :)

  5. I'm so glad you're all lovin' it (except for you, David, but you will love it, I promise). And, Mr. Y-M, Faberge is truly remarkable, to be sure. It's lovely to see how those songs progressed and morphed in just a small amount of years.

    And, it's worth noting that smokeandmirrors has updated their blog (http://themythicsignifier.blogspot.com/) with this information as well. What a lovely person, we should all send hugs and thanks his or her way.

    1. The links are down and megaupload is down and I'm totally sad that I missed out. I have been looking for a copy for years!

  6. Well if the bassist's name is Gage, and then of course there's Merritt. I'm guessing that the vocalist's name is Charles Gil? I'm just making this assumption based on the fact that "Living in an Abandoned Firehouse With You" is listed as being written by "Gil, Gage, Merritt" in the linear notes of DPT and TWB.

  7. I had made the same assumption, Alex, I just did not want to report it as true without confirmation of some sort.

    And, I' sorry about those recordings!! I'm a forgetful lad, but you'll have them soon enough.

  8. I like how "all under two minutes" means "half of them are over two minutes".

  9. I have seen The albums that are called Sand Dollar and Compost.and I think they are particularity good, I can recommend this for someone else, excellent post. thanks for this and keep posting.