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Friday, February 5, 2010


This photo is only further proof of the inherent awesomeness promised to be continued by M+E over at We Are Having a Hootenanny.  Go read their latest entry on their Washington DC journey; it's as delightful as it authors, I promise.

Here is the set list for the show last night, which could actually be a bunch of pictures of dead goats for all I know, as I haven't clicked it yet.  I'm waiting for the element of surprise when I see them in March. Let me know if the link works without spoiling everything for me?  That'd be great.

Then there's this interview, which is entirely in Spanish.  As a regrettably monolingual individual, I am unable to read this.  If anyone wants to translate, that'd certainly be a welcome favor, but I doubt anyone really does.

The Montreal Mirror interviewed him as well, and jokingly asserts that "Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree" might be the most personal song on Realism.  I don't know if they see exactly how right they probably are in this regard.

But my favorite of today's interviews comes from The Line of Best Fit.  More than any interview since perhaps the one in the 69 Love Songs booklet, it features Mr. Merritt expounding upon his work process and dissecting exactly what he thinks of his musical style(s).  Kudos to the interview's author, Mr. Sebastian Reynolds.

The above picture was taken at last night's show in Washington DC and is but one of several, the whole gamut of which can be seen at this link.  I, for one, am certainly intrigued by the instrumental changes, and by Mr. Davol's hair.


  1. Mr. Davol has good hair, it must always be said. Mr. Linkous too. Carlsberg don't do hair, but if they did...

  2. Mr. Linkous's hair always looks disheveled, but in a good way. Mr. Davol's hair, on the other hand, probably IS always disheveled, but never appears so. It's magic.

  3. I saw the setlist and my pants exploded.
    Then I remembered that I DON'T get to see them this tour.
    There are 10 songs on that setlist that I absolutely love to bits. Especially numbers 3, 13, 14, 23-25, and 28.

  4. The setlist looks awesome :) can't wait to watch some videos of the further concerts.

  5. Alex, you'll see them next time they tour. And, I still think you should go vigilante and just GO. What's to lose? It'd be worth it.

    Not to be a negative influence or anything.

    And, while I can't promise videos, Mr. Anonymous, I can promise reviews of the shows I'll be attending come March. Keep an eye out.