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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Well, there's this frustratingly vague bit of information.  Apparently, Mr. Merritt will be performing at some blogger's place of work, but there is no information as to where he works!  Presumably it is in San Francisco as the event will purportedly be taking place on the same day The Magnetic Fields will be playing at the Herbst Theater, but I will update if I find any further news.

I found out this morning that Ms. Claudia Gonson will be a Keynote speaker at this year's Noise Pop Festival.  How this bit of information eluded me before now is a mystery, but there it is. 

But, most excitingly, is this fucking recording of one of the Three Terrors shows!!  For those unaware, The Three Terrors were a brief, live-only project of Mr. Merritt's wherein he did one-off theme-oriented shows (this one in particular is full of songs about drugs) with 69 Love Songs vocalists extraordinaire Mr. L.D. Beghtol and Mr. Dudley Klute.  I have for years wanted to hear these recordings and have frequent AS-commenter and all-around nice fella Mr. Nick David to thank for finally pointing me in the right direction.  In particular I love the Loretta Lynn song, where Mr. Klute sounds absolutely beautiful and "Tiny Bubbles," which is just out-and-out awesome.  But, of course, the highlight is the rollicking "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall."  And, yes, it's sung all the way through.


  1. This month has really been amazing, now all that's really left to upload is the Buffalo Rome tape and Vacationland, and we already have access to one of those. Once they're all uploaded, it'll just be great. Though still, take your time in uploading Vacationland. I hate to sound so pushy about it all the time.

  2. I really felt like I couldn't have picked a better time to start this blog! I knew the album was coming out and the tour was coming, but I had no idea how much goodness would be coming in these few months.

    And, I'm not holding my breath on A Buffalo Rome, not in the slightest, but I'd LOVE to hear the other Three Terrors shows. This one is so fucking good. Seriously, Mr. David, if you read this, thanks again so goddamn much.

    Part of me is still unsatisfied with this whole "not-owning-the-actual-tapes" thing, re: Zinnias/A Buffalo Rome, though. Perhaps one day I'll pay some stupid amount of money for them...

  3. The best bet would to just head over to Cambridge and dig through the used cassette boxes in their local music stores for like a week, and head to a few garage sales... That's what I would do, since it's the most likely way to find them, but it's rather inconvenient.
    The Buffalo Rome tape is called "Cooking for the Priests" right?

  4. Yes, it is called "Cooking for the Priests," because Ms. Simms's mother was employed to do that very thing, which Mr. Merritt found funny.

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  6. I'm not sure if I can pick a favorite, although I agree that "Tiny Bubbles" is fantastic, and ending the encore with "99 Bottles of Bear" is audacious.

    "Knocking Myself Out" is eerie, with a great arrangement and a beautiful vocal from l.d. That's the one I find myself going back to the most.

    The whole show is great. I love all the banter. You'd never get the impression that Stephin hates live performance from this recording. Part of me wishes he'd return to NY and resurrect T3T just so I could see them in person!

  7. Ms. Hamraie, thank you for this information, I'm glad somebody knows it! That'd be great if you could let me know. Just e-mail me or hit me up on FB. Thanks very much, ma'am.

    Mr. David, I completely agree that Mr. Merritt is in rare form here! Despite his inhibition, Mr. Merritt always has a wonderful talent to put on an amazing show, but here, there's no trace of inhibition. I remember an interview wherein Mr. Merritt said that he hated performing live, but enjoyed the 69LS shows and the T3T shows. Of course, I'll never be able to find it to prove myself, but I read it, I swear!!

  8. Downloaded the show. What an amazing find. "Strchynine" is Merritt as you've never seen him before: in full Nick Cave gothic preacher mode.

    Wow. Thanks!

  9. Thanks so much for posting the 3T link. I was at that show (and sang along to the entirety of 99 Bottles whilst passing cups of beer behind me) and have longed for a recording of it.

    I can confirm that Stephin was indeed in great spirits for that show.

  10. Very glad you guys enjoyed it and glad to spread the love. <3

  11. Sorry for the ambiguity, just don't want to talk specifically about work, but here's my short recap: http://www.jbtiv.com/?p=704#comment-214

    And here's a crappy photo of him: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jbtiv/4436218345/

    If I can get my hands of the video, I'll let you know.

  12. Love the three terrors, thanks for sharing this.