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Friday, February 26, 2010


It felt slightly awkward to not update this blog for two whole days; but, it is good practice for a few months from now when the SM-related hoopla is dying down and updates will become less frequent.  So, whatever.

In the meantime, Seattle Weekly posted this glowing review of The Magnetic Fields' Town Hall show, from whence the picture featured here is taken.  More awesome photos from the event can be found here, from The Stranger.

Also, I just found this Tumblr called Fuck Yeah Stephin Merritt (a title I think could only be made better by punctuation, a la "Fuck Yeah, Stephin Merritt!").  It's pretty innocuous at this point, but that's not antonymous with fun.  Particularly dour fun can be found in the apparent AIM chat between "Sober" and "Shitfaced," two aptly-named characters of the author's invention.

And, did you guys see Andres Jauregui's post about Get Lost over at Crawdaddy! Magazine?  I kind of disagree with his thesis about the album being pre-"chillwave," but those middle paragraphs are inarguably good.

Lastly, if you search "Magnetic Fields 2010" on Youtube, you'll find a handful of awesome-looking videos from this year's shows that I, sadly, cannot watch for another week.  Videos, I say, like this one:

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