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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Have you guys seen the Coraline cast albums over at We Are Having a Hootenanny?  They look remarkable!  In celebration, look at this photo of one of the play's dress rehearsals.  How I regret not traveling to see it...

Interview Magazine has posted this interview with Mr. Merritt.  "You can't interview a surrealist" very well might be my favorite thing that Mr. Merritt has ever said using his speaking voice.

Also, according to the official Record Store Day Twitter account, the Peter Gabriel/Stephin Merritt single will be released as a 7" single this April 17.  This is, however, the only confirmation of this news I've seen. I will report back when I hear more.


  1. that photo is making me so happy.
    i simply adored the play and an counting down the time till i have the album in my hands.
    a little under 44 hours now.....

    can not wait!

  2. I always so envious when people tell me they saw the play! I tried very hard to go, but simply couldn't afford it. The trip from KY to NY isn't a cheap one, to say the least.

    Hope you enjoy the show! Have you seen them before? If not, prepare to have your life changed.

  3. I just happened to be allowing myself a vacation in New York when we (my girlfriend & I) decided to check out a show, went through the backdoor-discount path provided by a family friend, and snagged seats (in the damn back) to Coraline, which I wasn't about to trade in for anything more high-profile. Candidly, the music was only so many steps beyond Showtunes - the man is clearly capable of something Sondheimian in depth and beauty, and I don't know why he hasn't committed himself to making that happen yet. But a number of songs were lovely, and the show as a whole was a deliciously surreal delight. Maybe someday soon they'll put on a touring revival, and your fandom will be rewarded.

  4. Well, as an avid lover of Showtunes and the whole gamut of Mr. Merritt's musical work thus far, your comments only succeed in exciting me more for the cast CD, sir! Though, your qualms about Mr. Merritt's lack of a foray into the more, for lack of a better word, "conventional" musical world isn't nonsensical to me; perhaps when his Handler-colloraboration "The Song from Venus" is released (in the year 2077), we'll get a taste of that Sondheim influence.

    I have heard these three songs and love them a lot. But, a touring revival really sounds too good to ever be true, sir...

  5. the show was a blast tonight.
    just like before when i've seen them.

    not to sure of the likelihood of a touring production. while i think it would be ever so lovely, it must be done in intimate venues as there was a strict no mics rule in place.

    i will cross my fingers for you though. far more of the world needs to be able to see this.

    off to listen to the cast recording...

  6. I remember an interview in which Mr. Merritt scoffed at the idea of moving the play out of the Lucille Lortel, but wanted the play to receive more attention than it was. Quite a conundrum, to say the least.

    Glad you loved the show! I can't wait much longer 'til March when I get to see them; I already kinda feel like exploding...