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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


CBC's Q has posted a lovely interview with Mr. Merritt available for download here.  It doesn't start until about 18 minutes in, but it is a pretty great interview, and features Mr. Merritt recounting his old John Lennon story, doing his Leonard Cohen impression, and harping on about k.d. lang.  Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, CBC couldn't play any of Mr. Merritt's performances (he played "Seduced and Abandoned" and "The Nun's Litany," making those unaware probably think him transgendered or something), but the interview is still well worth checking out.

Seattlest has this interview with Mr. Merritt as well which may pale in comparison, but still feels like a worthy read.  The most interesting part is when he discusses the tonality of Eban and Charley.  The Stranger posted this very long, very interesting interview as well.  In it, Mr. Merritt write perhaps my new favorite song, entitled "Here I Am Sitting in a Gay Bar."

And, this dude has nothing but scathing things to say about The Fields' live show, much to my chagrin and bewilderment.  But, to each their own, I suppose.

Now, if you excuse me, I'm off to listen to The Zinnias.


  1. That Q interview is hilarious. I think Stephin has really learned to enjoy interviews.

    Glad to hear that Painted Flower isn't just invoking Peach Blossom Fan, it's part of the show!

  2. Thank you for your Merritt sonar. There is no way I would ever find this stuff! You are gifted, my friend!

  3. The "Painted Flower" comment came as not quite a shock to me either, David, but is completely awesome. If only I could have seen the show itself... Oh, sigh.

    And, Mr. Nicholls, "Merritt sonar" is perhaps the best way anyone has ever put this strange "gift" of mine. More realistically, someone described it to me as a labor of love, and that it really is.