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Monday, February 1, 2010



Fantastic news on this first of February, friends!  Merge Records as announced  release date for the 69 Love Songs vinyl box set!  Granted, this has happened several times before and it has been delayed several times before, but this time they have proof:

How beautiful is that shit?  Pre-order it from Merge Records and receive a $10 discount and a printable e-valentine!  Such exciting news!

Also: @TheMagFields now exists.  It is, of course, The Magnetic Fields' Twitter account.


  1. Motherfucking beautiful!
    I preordered mine back in the beginning of September on Insound, I'm so excited. Worth the wait.

  2. I just cancelled my Insound pre-order because the Merge one is so much cheaper. But, yes, entirely worth every painstaking bullshit e-mail informing me of another delay in its release!!