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Thursday, February 4, 2010


The tour is underway, officially.  For those seeing shows before me (which is just about everyone, as I have another month to wait), let me know exactly what level of greatness they achieve, for sure.  And be sure to keep a keen eye on We Are Having a Hootenanny for assured greatness in pictorial form.

And, Mr. Merritt appears to be exhausting himself doing interviews these days.  Here's a shitload more:

Eye Weekly interviews him, and while I mean no offense, doesn't appear to have done their research very well.  Either that, or they intentionally went in wanting to ask the questions they thought would annoy Mr. Merritt the most.  Still, though, he takes it in stride and it still makes for a decent read.

Mr. Chris Klimek's interview is probably the more informative of the two, though.  I love Mr. Merritt's reaction to the American Idol idea at the end - what fun!

In The Advocate's interview, Mr. Merritt is called indie.  We can all guess where it goes from there.

And, MusicOMH has Mr. Merritt discussing the limited symbolism of his work and his t-shirt theory.


  1. Haha, I saw at the IMDB page of the documentary that the guy who acused Stephin of being racist, Sasha-Frere Jones, makes an appearence.

  2. Well, to be fair, Mr. Frere-Jones did retract his comments about the whole debacle. But, he's still a generally shitty journalist (though I appreciate some of his criticism, very sporadically).