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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The Magnetic Fields played Toronto last night, and according to this review of the show, I am led to believe they played the same set list they played in DC, furthering my belief that they are switching between two lists.  I still really want to see the Montreal set list, if anyone can send a copy my way.

There are also pictures from the show right here, one of which is featured here.

The A.V. Club has posted this interview with Mr. Merritt celebrating Valentine's Day, wherein Mr. Merritt dissects the love song (much like when Mr. Merritt interviewed The Love Song itself).

This place has kind of become interview central these past few days, and for that I apologize.  There's been little else to report, but I implore you not to stop reading; I'm certain goodness is on its way!


  1. Today is also Stephin's (supposed) birthday!

  2. Yep. And he gets to celebrate by not having to perform tonight. And eating a cupcake tomorrow.